Kissing in Kerala

keralaFF2014Apparently the policing of morals continues throughout the world.  Tired of being beat up for questionable moral behavior in Kerala India from two previously staged protests in Kochi and Kozhikode, the people of Kerala came upon an intriguing idea.  By organizing their peaceful kissing in public protests on the streets during the Kerala Film Fest they were able to minimizing the beatings.

Kerala draws in international tourists from all over the world for it’s competitions and film screenings.  It’s one of the premier festivals of it’s kind and as such, the moral policing officials are less likely to stage their hypocrisy during such an event.  Reports say the idea to do so appeared to have worked as no beatings seem to have occurred.

The Kiss of Love organizers are motivated against what they see as a return to fascism.   They believe “fascism was storming in with drumbeats” and a supporter posted on social media, “Fascism hurts, kissing heals. I’m kissing to stop fascism”.

A number of writers and other celebrities have already spoken out in favor of the objective of the Kiss of Love movement.   The idea has spread to other cities in India including Delhi, Chennai and Hyperabad.